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    Pure Water Technologies can repair or service almost any brand of water equipment that you have. Our certified technicians are cross-trained with all makes and models of equipment. Pure Water Technologies’ prices are usually much less than the name brand franchises.

    • Do you have cloudy dishes or white, crusty buildup even with a water softener?

    • Is your water softener using too much salt or running water at all hours of the day?

    • Do you not want to venture into your crawlspace to fill your salt tank?

    • Does something just seem off about your water treatment system?



      Your water softener will need salt roughly every three months. Why lug salt home? Pure Water Technologies can deliver and install the salt for you. One of our technicians will come to your house and fill the salt tank, wherever it is located in your home. We will also check your system for leaks, programming errors, confirm the time on the controller and perform filter changes. Call us for scheduled delivery and service details.

      • CONVENIENCE: Water Softeners will need salt about every 3 months. Who wants to keep track of that? Especially if it is somewhere you don’t often venture like a crawl space or a mechanical room. Let us do the leg work for you. We will design a maintenance schedule and call you when it is time to check your system.

      • EASY: One of our technicians will come to your house and fill the salt tank, where ever it may be.

      • PEACE OF MIND: After the salt is delivered, the technician will evaluate your water softener checking function, programming, and preform any preventative maintenance needed to keep small issues from becoming actual problems for no additional cost.


      Sodium free water softener crystals. K-life water softener crystals are the healthier alternative to salt adds potassium to drinking water and is better for the environment!

      • Works in any brand water softener unit

      • Adds potasium to drinking water

      • Healthier alternative for consumers who are concerned about their sodium intake

      • Removes some of the native sodium from your water.

      • Reduces the amount of chlorides discharged into the environment versus common salt


      ProSoft Compacted Salt cubes with Rust Buster include a rust-fighting additive to help prevent iron and rust discoloration on fixtures, appliances and laundry.

      • 40 - 50 lb. bags

      • Delivery Available

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